Activities that shall be conducted will include:

  • Storytelling sessions
  • book reading & discussions
  • poetry reading
  • short story writing competition
  • poetry writing competition
  • blogging competition
  • activity sessions with puppets, toys, art & craft


  • The initiative shall be targeted as a proper educational and fun field trip for the schools where they can bring in their students class wise for the sessions. They shall also participate in the various competitions that shall be held.
  • We have an outreach effort underway to a total of 150 schools in Mumbai (ICSE, IGCSE and IB) via emailers, direct mailers and in person meetings and are getting a very positive response.
  • We shall also be initiating a PR campaign targeted at mainstream media
  • Social media marketing on Facebook
  • Emailers to various databases
  • Advertising & Promotion through the various partners and their databases